You want to get fit, but you don’t know where to start and you’re really busy. If you have 24 minutes, three days a week, the BodyBoss 12 week fitness program can whip you into shape.

It’s the program that everyone is talking about and has helped get people around the globe into shape.  At least that’s what everyone is telling me.

But can this program really change your body in just 12 weeks?

It can, but there are some caveats (more on that soon).

First, let me explain what this program is all about.

What is BodyBoss?

what is bodyboss method

BodyBoss is a 12-week, step-by-step fitness program.

Sessions are just 24 minutes (minus the warm-up and cool-down), and the program says you only need to workout three times per week.

I know what you’re thinking – 24 minutes isn’t a whole lot of time. And you’re right. But these workouts are a bit different. You’ll be doing intensive HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuits that burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

In a nutshell, HIIT workouts alternate between really intense movement and recovery periods (e.g. sprinting followed by jogging or walking). Alternating between the two exhausts the body and muscles, forcing you to burn more calories in a shorter timeframe.

bodyboss system

BodyBoss says you don’t need a gym membership or gym equipment, although this is a bit of a fib. You’ll need a few pieces of equipment (jump rope and dumbbells), but you can improvise with things around the house if you don’t have the equipment.

The workouts are a blend of:

  • Cardio
  • Bodyweight resistance exercises
  • Unilateral exercises
  • Plyometrics (jumping)

Most of the exercises don’t require equipment, and you can improvise for the ones that do (if you don’t have any equipment).

The workouts get more intensive as you progress through the program.

Here’s what BodyBoss says you’ll need to get started:

  • Timer (watch or your smartphone)
  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • Music
  • Water bottle
  • Bench
  • dumbbells
  • Jump rope
  • Box/steps/stairs

The dumbbells, bench, jump rope and box are what they call “potential equipment,” which basically means that you can improvise. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can always use water jugs or heavy cans.

Because the program doesn’t require a gym or much equipment, you can do these exercises anywhere – the park, at home, in the backyard, in a hotel room, etc.

You get a couple of extra freebies with the program. They include a goals worksheet, which allows you to set your weight loss and body goals. You can use this to track your progress.


You also get a 4-week pre-training program. If you’re new to the fitness world or it’s been years since you’ve been to the gym, the pre-training program will help get you ready for the intense workouts that come with the 12-week program.

If you’re worried about not being able to do the workouts, you can try the 7-day trial of the fitness guide.

And if you buy the online edition, you get free workout videos that explain exactly how to do each move.

Did I mention that you can buy the digital edition, print edition, or both?

HIIT and the Afterburn Effect (or #BossEffect)

BodyBoss HIIT

The reason why HIIT workouts are so short and effective is because of the afterburn effect. Essentially, because your workout was so intense, your body continues to burn calories and fat long after your workout session.

You see, when you’re done with your workout, your body has to do a lot of things to recover.

  • Replenish oxygen stores
  • Get rid of lactic acid
  • Replenish ATP stores
  • Repair muscles
  • Replenish creatine stores

All of these tasks require oxygen, which costs energy. So, to repair and recover, your body needs to burn additional calories.

BodyBoss calls this the #BossEffect.

How the Program Works

BodyBoss Exercise Videos

BodyBoss will have you doing a wide range of exercises, including:

  • Walking lunges
  • Bridges
  • Glute kickbacks
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Shoulder fly
  • Jump lunges
  • V sit-ups
  • Glute lunges
  • Plank jacks

The program encourages you to find something you love for cardio, like running or riding a bike. There are recovery days, too, so that you’re not completely overwhelmed.

Is This the Same Thing as Bodyboss 2.0?

Bodyboss 2.0 Home Gym

If you’ve done a little research on BodyBoss, you may have found the BodyBoss 2.0 – at-home, portable gym.

Is this part of the BodyBoss program?

No, it’s not. But it’s actually a great home gym system. It comes with a collapsible resistance bar, handle, resistance bands and a platform. You can take it literally anywhere, so it may be a nice complement to the BodyBoss system if you want to kick things up a notch.


The Benefits of The BodyBoss Method

bodyboss reviews

If you have a busy life and you want a step-by-step guide to getting back into shape, then there’s a lot to love about the BodyBoss program.

You Don’t Need a Gym Membership

Let’s be real – gym memberships are expensive. And it’s easy to say “I’m done with today,” and pass by the gym on the way home from work.

There are no monthly membership costs, and you don’t have to go to scheduled classes. It’s easy to do the workouts at home with minimal equipment. All you need is the step-by-step instruction booklet.

The Pre-Training Program Sets You Up for Success

The 12-week program itself is pretty intense, and if you’re brand new to fitness (or it’s been a while since you had a regular exercise routine), it may be a little difficult for you to jump right into the core of the program.

That’s where the pre-training program comes in. These workouts are a little shorter, too, so you can get yourself into a routine of working out regularly before you even start the program.

Intense, but Easy to Follow

The workouts are designed to be intense so that you burn the most calories possible. But at the same time, the program is pretty easy to follow.

With the warmups and cooldowns, you can expect to spend a little more than 24 minutes on your workout. But you’ll be craving that cooldown after each workout. Prepare to get sweaty and out of breath (which is exactly what you want).

You Can Do It Anywhere and on Your Own Time

Because most of the workouts don’t require any equipment, you can do them just about anywhere and on your own time. The workouts are designed to fit into your schedule.

If you’re on the road, you can still get in your workouts with a little improvising.

You FEEL Good

The biggest benefit of all is that you’ll feel good. By the time you finish the program, you should be looking and feeling like a new person.

An active body is a happy body.

BodyBoss Reviews

Is BodyBoss the best home workout program?

That really depends on you and how much effort you want to put into it.

You can find plenty of positive, happy testimonials on the BodyBoss website. These women look amazing after 12 weeks. Some claim they lost 25 pounds in 10 weeks. That’s really impressive for any workout program.

But you’re only going to get what you put in.

If you put your all into the HIIT workouts – i.e. you leave a sweaty mess – you’re going to get better results. But you also have to think about your diet.

The program itself will get you great results, but it’s up to you to put in the effort with the workouts and to eat right. The workouts are effective, and HIIT has proven to be a powerful fat-burning method.

You can’t outrun your diet, so you’ll need to make smart food choices when doing this program to maximize your results.

Honestly, there’s not a single fitness program on the planet that can get you amazing results without you changing your diet.

Fortunately, BodyBoss also offers a nutrition guide and program that you can buy separately if you want guidance here. I personally feel like the nutritional guide (which includes recipes) will save you so much time. Meal planning takes a lot of time and effort. These guides will just save you time and guesswork. Once you get the hang of eating right, you can get more creative with your food.

BodyBoss is a solid program that provides you with step-by-step guidance in your fitness journey. If you give the program your all and you eat right, you can see some great results in just 12 weeks.

With a free 7-day workout trial, you really have nothing to lose but the fat.

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